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Site redesign!

It was a long time coming and the site has been re-designed and updated with more of my projects as well as other films/shows I’ve acted in or worked on. There will be more added in the coming weeks as well as more News Updates so keep an eye out!

Huge thanks to Wayne at Tip Top Tech Solutions for his awesome work on the re-design and making all of this happen. Please check out his company for any needs you have with web design, hosting, and more.

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“Where We’re Meant to Be” year end update!

I’ve been WAY behind on updating this site so will give you a bunch of info at once to catch you up. First of all, the film has been released! Turn Key Films picked WWMTB up for distribution and has chosen Flix Premiere for the United States and United Kingdom releases. You can see it by clicking here.

Don’t know much about the film yet? Here are some trailers and pages for it!

Watch the official trailer

Watch the original teaser trailer



The film finished a successful film festival run earlier this year before distribution started this summer. Here’s how we ended up:

  • Winner – Best Film – FilmSPARK Film Festival
  • Winner – Best Film – Eastern NC Film Festival
  • Winner – Best Film – Raleigh Film Festival
  • Winner – Audience Award – Los Angeles CineFest
  • Winner – President’s Award – NC Film Awards
  • Winner – Best Screenplay – Cape Fear Int’l Film Festival
  • Winner – Distance Award (audience chosen) – Eastern NC FF
  • Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Seth Gore – Eastern NC FF
  • Winner – Best Supporting Actress – Anna Nalepka – Asheville Film Festival
  • Nominated – Best Film – Los Angeles CineFest
  • Nominated – Best Film – Asheville Film Festival
  • Nominated – Best Actress – Tracey Coppedge – Eastern NC FF
  • Nominated – Best Supporting Actor – Jack Harrison – Asheville Film Festival
  • Nominated – Best Supporting Actor – Blayne Weaver – Eastern NC FF
  • Nominated – Best Supporting Actress – Anna Nalepka – Eastern NC FF
  • Official Selection – GardenCity Int’l Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Vail Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Sydney World Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Indigo Moon Film Festival
  • Official Selection – LongLeaf Film Festival
  • Official Selection – BlissFest Film Festival

As always, a huge thanks to the cast and crew for making this all possible and a huge thanks to you for checking us out. Keep an eye on the Invisible Productions Facebook page for more updates on Where We’re Meant To Be.

“Where We’re Meant to Be” film review!

Richard Propes from The Independent Critic has written a wonderful review of the film calling it “an indie gem” and the “exact type of film fans of festival indies long to see”. Check out the full review here!

WWMTB has some festival screenings coming up as well:

filmSPARK Film Festival– Raleigh, NC – Fri Sept 16th at 8:00pm

Indigo Moon Film Fest– Fayetteville, NC – Sat Oct 8th at 12:45pm

Raleigh Film Festival– Raleigh, NC – Fri Oct 14th at 8:30pm

Asheville Film Fest– Asheville, NC – Sat Oct 15th at 12:30pm

Festival Update!

WWMTB has taken home 3 awards and 3 additional nominations at the Eastern NC Film Festival. It won Best Film, the Distance Award (audience voted), and Best Supporting Actor for Seth Gore. Nominations included Best Actress (Tracey Coppedge), Best Supporting Actor (Blayne Weaver), and Best Supporting Actress (Anna Nalepka).

The film is currently on the festival circuit and awaiting more notifications. Keep an eye on the Invisible Productions Facebook page for more updates on Where We’re Meant To Be.


Vail Film Festival World Premiere!

Where We’re Meant to Be had a sold-out World Premiere and they had to bring in chairs for the back of the theater to accomodate additional audience members. It was great to see it play on a big screen in front of an audience and a surreal experience to have people approach me randomly about the film throughout the weekend. I’m glad it was so well-received and appreciate the Vail Film Festival for the opportunity!


Time for the Cast/Crew Premiere Screening!

Click here for more details!

The film has been fully shot and is ready for the editing phase!

Hopefully you’ve been following the Facebook page and saw all the Behind the Scenes photos and updates throughout principal photography of the film. You can check out the Behind the Scenes albums on Facebook here and here.

BTS videographer Mike Leonard also put together a wonderful teaser video of all the footage he’s been shooting for the eventual feature-length “Making Of” documentary. Check it out here!

Principal photography has totally begun!

The first two days of shooting have gone extremely well and I’m fortunate to have the hugely talented cast and crew on board that I do. Please check out the Facebook page below as that’s where most of the updates will be happening and there are lots of behind-the-scenes photos already going up and we’ll talk about the various cast/crew throughout. Thanks for your interest!

Click here!


Upcoming Dates For Filming

Where We’re Meant To Be will film in the Raleigh area in the April-June timeframe with multiple male and female roles of varying ages. It’s an ensemble film and most roles will film between 1-5 days. Click here for details and information on submitting.

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Make sure to “like” the Invisible Productions Facebook page as more frequent updates for Where We’re Meant To Be are happening over there.

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Where We’re Meant To Be – film update!

Well, it’s official, we have investors! Budget allocations are going in place and I’ve chosen the cinematographer and line producer for the film so far. It’s early days for pre-production yet the foundation of the film is starting off very strongly and will only grow from here. Check out the Facebook page for details and “like” it if you’ve not yet done so to keep up with updates.

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The Rusty Bucket Kids Casting I’ve signed the deal memo and can now announce that I’ve been cast in the Emmy-nominated kids show The Rusty Bucket Kids. I’ll be co-starring in an upcoming episode as Henry David Thoreau. The announcement from their page:
Let me introduce you to Michael Howard. Michael is playing the role of Henry David Thoreau. Michael is not just a talented actor, but Michael is another reason why producing in North Carolina is still a great idea. So Michael runs the indie film company Invisible Productions. He has directed features, shorts, and documentaries. While still acting in television and film. Michael’s films have screened and won awards throughout the United States and worldwide. He’s also a writer, editor, and cinematographer and has been the official documentarian for the Vail Film Festival in Colorado since 2007. Did we mention we need lots of cereal on set? Yes Michael loves cereal, now let’s see which kind. Please welcome our man Michael as Henry David Thoreau.
You can check in on their page for progress here.

Flickr Photos

I’ve updated some of my Flickr photos. You can always access them from the menu above. Click here to see an assortment of my still photography.

Beyond the Blue Documentary

Here’s the trailer for the Beyond the Blue documentary I am featured in with eleven other NC filmmakers. It’ll be released soon, check a few updates back for details and webpage links.

Next Feature Film

My next feature film is officially in pre-production. Filming begins Spring of 2015!


I quit medicine over a decade ago to be in film and have now played a doctor of some sort for the fourth time. This is me behind the scenes of a short film I acted in this weekend called Amnesia.

Beyond the Blue

I was interviewed last year for a documentary called “Beyond the Blue” that focuses on filmmakers from North Carolina. It was great to be chosen and I hopefully had some good things to contribute. They recently released a photo and quote from my interview. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

“If you don’t take chances then you’ll never know your strengths and weaknesses. And how to use them.”

You can keep up with the documentary here.

Sci-Fi Film

I was cast in a Sci-fi film recently and went in for the clothing fitting today and then did a voiceover for the teaser trailer. You can be happy that I will not have a skin tight outfit in the film.

Commercial Voiceovers and Behind-the-Scenes Photography

Recorded three commercial voiceovers and did some behind-the-scenes photography for a film, not a bad way to start a Saturday.

After Tahoo…

After Tahoe, we traded in the lakes for cornfields and shot for a week in Iowa. While the fields were a bit boring, the sunsets were awesome.

American Detours

Recorded three commercial voiceovers and did some behind-the-scenes photography for a film, not a bad way to start a Saturday.

American Detours – Hurricane Sandy

Shooting a special Hurricane Sandy episode of American Detours in New Jersey.

The Super Femmes

Here’s a nice creepy teaser shot from a comical web series I acted in this past weekend. It’s called The Super Femmes and is about various super heros and villains. I was asked to be a past-his-prime villain called The White Rappin’ Kid who takes off at the first sign of real trouble. Below the picture you can see two scenes I was in.

Vail Film Festival

I’ve been with the Vail Film Festival since 2007 primarily doing their photo and video and this was their big 10th Anniversary festival and it went really great. Everyone is like family and it’s always such a fun time down there, though it can be pretty hectic. Allison Janney proved throughout the week that she is one of the most down-to-Earth stars that have been at the festival and she spent a lot of time out and about at the events that others usually don’t attend. Very cool.

American Detours

Spent the week shooting for the American Detours show with Ashley Haglund and David Patino from Generic Brand Human. It was an awesome week of filming in West Virginia at the New River Gorge Bridge (876 feet high), in the Lost World Caverns (pictured, with my “how many thousands of bats can be in here?” face), the Greenbrier Resort (with the old secret underground government bunker), The Stardust Cafe, and more. The show is about classic cars in classic destinations so we met with some owners and shot footage of their vehicles as well.


Was back on set for the TV show Revolution for the third time. It was a 16-hour shoot that went all through the freezing night. Anytime the power goes out in the future, even for 5 minutes, I’m going to create my own personal militia and start taking over things. We shot a pretty key scene and it was cool to be working alongside Elizabeth Mitchell again, who I’ve been a fan of since Lost.

Big Goalie

Just finished acting in an overnight shoot for a film called Big Goalie. I play a hockey player for the “good team” though the joke is that I’m always next to the coach and never actually playing in the game.

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Happy New Year!

Things are starting off well, did a photoshoot down in Lillington, NC this week for a hospital opening and acted in the feature film Box Brown which is mentioned more below. It’s a wrap for that film.

Hope you all have a great year!


Did camera recently for this show segment. I also act in a couple of upcoming episodes. More to come.

NDAs and “high profile individuals”

I have a conference call in the next few days for a film that I had to get a notarized non-disclosure agreement for just to talk to them about. I’m told it has “high profile individuals” in it. Fancy fancy. No, it’s not porn.

Fun Weekend

Fun weekend. Yesterday I acted in a short film in a pub as a modern businessman and then today I was in a completely different project in a castle as a bad guy in the time of King Arthur.

Hope you all have a great year!

Baja Film Festival Footage on Access Hollywood

Some of our footage from the Baja Film Festival was on Access Hollywood.

Hope you all have a great year!

Baja Film Festival

Returned from the inaugural Baja International Film Festival and it was a huge success. You can follow progress here. Below is a photo I shot of Edward Norton while we were doing his video interview and then you can see me shooting William Mapother on the red carpet.

Red Carpet at the Baja International Film Festival

Red carpet at the 2012 Baja International Film Festival.


I’m not great at keeping up with this self-promotion stuff so it’s been a bit but Baby Shoes will be playing in Denver Colorado soon and was accepted into the Puerto Rico International Film Festival. Check the Baby Shoes page here to see the trailer. The film plays next in Costa Rica this month. I’ll be in Cabo this month to shoot for the Baja International Film Festival which is being done by many of the same awesome people I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with for the Vail Film Festival.

I recently shot Behind-the-Scenes footage for a feature film entitled Box Brown and then will be acting in it and shooting more footage in January. You can see some shots here.

And lastly, I’ve taken a position as a video editor for a great company out of NJ named Generic Brand Human. I’m still doing the work from here in NC, however, as well as numerous other projects. So it’s good to be busy with fun work.


Worked on NBC’s Revolution recently and here’s a behind-the-scenes shot. I was a huge fan of the show Lost so it was really cool to be working alongside Elizabeth Mitchell (you can see her in the background of the picture below). She was very friendly and it was a cool experience.

I Won’t Fall Down by Young and New

Recently shot Behind the Scenes and B-roll for a music video by Rob Underhill for the band Young and New. You can see it below.

Alycat Pictures Photoshoot

Did a photoshoot tonight with Alycat Pictures and Alyson was fantastic. I highly recommend her for anything you need in regards to photography for wedding, events, headshots, etc…

Baby Shoes was also accepted to the Costa Rica International Film Festival last month.

Baby Shoes Picks Up More Festival Awards

Baby Shoes continues to do well and just picked up an Honorable Mention win for Best Short Film at the West Virginia Mountaineer Film Festival.

Next up, Baby Shoes will play at the Cannes Film Festival among the World Cinema Festival screenings.

Later this year Baby Shoes will be back in the USA in the Hamptons as it plays as part of the AFI World Peace Initiative.

The film is 4 for 4 in festival acceptance so far with hopefully many more to come worldwide as the year goes on.


Michael Howard’s new short film, Baby Shoes, will have its World Premiere at the end of March at the Vail Film Festival in Colorado. It will be available here for the general public to see after that time. Click here for Screening information.

There is an alternate version of Baby Shoes that is only 60-seconds long and was produced for the Hint Fiction Film Contest, of which Michael is co-directing. It is a non-competition version of the film and will open the Finalist Screenings that will also take place at the Vail Film Festival. This screening will take place on March 31st at 2:30 PM at the Cinebistro theater. Michael will be giving a Q&A afterward with contest programmer and festival host/actor Bill LeVasseur on the contest and filmmaking in the short form.

Michael’s newest commercial for the Vail Film Festival is currently playing on Comcast cable. You can also see it here. The full promo is available here.

Check out a still frame from the new opening logo that will go in front of the films:

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