Alternate Lost Takes

A film often goes through many edits and music is definitely a part of it. If a composer is writing music specifically for a scene in a film, they will normally write a score and present it to the director at which time the director may have some changes that he wants to the sound. Dave DeHart wrote some music for this film and also had some previously written music that I had considered for the final cut. I ended up using a different great song by an artist named Jillian Ann and it is in the final film. Below, I have added an alternate version of the same scene with the previous song by Dave DeHart entitled "Against a Motionless Sky." It was a piece of score he had played around with one day and never fully completed the mix. Listening to it, I grew to love it more and more and there were some really great moments in it that would have worked wonderfully with the aforementioned scene. In the end, it didn't quite fit in the film as well as the song by Jillian Ann did. It's not to say Dave's song wasn't great, it just had more power to it than seemed fit for the scene. So watch the film with the original score on the mutilmedia page and then come back here and watch the scene again with Dave's alternate song. The scene has only been slightly edited to coincide with certain beats and moments of Dave's score. See how the same film scene can have a different effect with two different pieces of music.

I suggest saving both files to your computer and watching them when they're fully downloaded so that there are less problems. Keep in mind that the quality on the Internet is less than that of the original format.

Alternate Shower Scene (5 Minutes)

Now, Dave wrote an original piece of score just for LOST and it is used for a particular scene as well as for the closing credits. The song was longer than needed and fades out in the middle and what you hear in the film is actually just the beginning of the music. Well, a section of the music near the end was very nice as well and most of that is used in the credits in this edit below. However, it seemed a bit too strong of a score to be used in the credits and took away from the feeling I was trying to convey at that point. So I opted to stick with the more mellow beginning section of the score. So here is the alternate music for the closing credits.

Alternate Closing Credits (1 Minute)