Baby Shoes

Michael Howard’s new short film, Baby Shoes, will have its World Premiere at the end of March at the Vail Film Festival in Colorado. It will be available here for the general public to see after that time. Click here for Screening information.

There is an alternate version of Baby Shoes that is only 60-seconds long and was produced for the Hint Fiction Film Contest, of which Michael is co-directing. It is a non-competition version of the film and will open the Finalist Screenings that will also take place at the Vail Film Festival. This screening will take place on March 31st at 2:30 PM at the Cinebistro theater. Michael will be giving a Q&A afterward with contest programmer and festival host/actor Bill LeVasseur on the contest and filmmaking in the short form.

Michael’s newest commercial for the Vail Film Festival is currently playing on Comcast cable. You can also see it here. The full promo is available here.

Check out a still frame from the new opening logo that will go in front of the films: