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Site redesign!

It was a long time coming and the site has been re-designed and updated with more of my projects as well as other films/shows I’ve acted in or worked on. There will be more added in the coming weeks as well as more News Updates so keep an eye out!

Huge thanks to Wayne at Tip Top Tech Solutions for his awesome work on the re-design and making all of this happen. Please check out his company for any needs you have with web design, hosting, and more.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

“Where We’re Meant to Be” year end update!

I’ve been WAY behind on updating this site so will give you a bunch of info at once to catch you up. First of all, the film has been released! Turn Key Films picked WWMTB up for distribution and has chosen Flix Premiere for the United States and United Kingdom releases. You can see it by clicking here.

Don’t know much about the film yet? Here are some trailers and pages for it!

Watch the official trailer

Watch the original teaser trailer



The film finished a successful film festival run earlier this year before distribution started this summer. Here’s how we ended up:

  • Winner – Best Film – FilmSPARK Film Festival
  • Winner – Best Film – Eastern NC Film Festival
  • Winner – Best Film – Raleigh Film Festival
  • Winner – Audience Award – Los Angeles CineFest
  • Winner – President’s Award – NC Film Awards
  • Winner – Best Screenplay – Cape Fear Int’l Film Festival
  • Winner – Distance Award (audience chosen) – Eastern NC FF
  • Winner – Best Supporting Actor – Seth Gore – Eastern NC FF
  • Winner – Best Supporting Actress – Anna Nalepka – Asheville Film Festival
  • Nominated – Best Film – Los Angeles CineFest
  • Nominated – Best Film – Asheville Film Festival
  • Nominated – Best Actress – Tracey Coppedge – Eastern NC FF
  • Nominated – Best Supporting Actor – Jack Harrison – Asheville Film Festival
  • Nominated – Best Supporting Actor – Blayne Weaver – Eastern NC FF
  • Nominated – Best Supporting Actress – Anna Nalepka – Eastern NC FF
  • Official Selection – GardenCity Int’l Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Vail Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Sydney World Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Indigo Moon Film Festival
  • Official Selection – LongLeaf Film Festival
  • Official Selection – BlissFest Film Festival

As always, a huge thanks to the cast and crew for making this all possible and a huge thanks to you for checking us out. Keep an eye on the Invisible Productions Facebook page for more updates on Where We’re Meant To Be.

“Where We’re Meant to Be” film review!

Richard Propes from The Independent Critic has written a wonderful review of the film calling it “an indie gem” and the “exact type of film fans of festival indies long to see”. Check out the full review here!

WWMTB has some festival screenings coming up as well:

filmSPARK Film Festival– Raleigh, NC – Fri Sept 16th at 8:00pm

Indigo Moon Film Fest– Fayetteville, NC – Sat Oct 8th at 12:45pm

Raleigh Film Festival– Raleigh, NC – Fri Oct 14th at 8:30pm

Asheville Film Fest– Asheville, NC – Sat Oct 15th at 12:30pm

Festival Update!

WWMTB has taken home 3 awards and 3 additional nominations at the Eastern NC Film Festival. It won Best Film, the Distance Award (audience voted), and Best Supporting Actor for Seth Gore. Nominations included Best Actress (Tracey Coppedge), Best Supporting Actor (Blayne Weaver), and Best Supporting Actress (Anna Nalepka).

The film is currently on the festival circuit and awaiting more notifications. Keep an eye on the Invisible Productions Facebook page for more updates on Where We’re Meant To Be.

Vail Film Festival World Premiere!

Where We’re Meant to Be had a sold-out World Premiere and they had to bring in chairs for the back of the theater to accomodate additional audience members. It was great to see it play on a big screen in front of an audience and a surreal experience to have people approach me randomly about the film throughout the weekend. I’m glad it was so well-received and appreciate the Vail Film Festival for the opportunity!

The film has been fully shot and is ready for the editing phase!

Hopefully you’ve been following the Facebook page and saw all the Behind the Scenes photos and updates throughout principal photography of the film. You can check out the Behind the Scenes albums on Facebook here and here.

BTS videographer Mike Leonard also put together a wonderful teaser video of all the footage he’s been shooting for the eventual feature-length “Making Of” documentary. Check it out here!

Upcoming Dates For Filming

Where We’re Meant To Be will film in the Raleigh area in the April-June timeframe with multiple male and female roles of varying ages. It’s an ensemble film and most roles will film between 1-5 days. Click here for details and information on submitting.

Where We’re Meant To Be – film update!

Well, it’s official, we have investors! Budget allocations are going in place and I’ve chosen the cinematographer and line producer for the film so far. It’s early days for pre-production yet the foundation of the film is starting off very strongly and will only grow from here. Check out the Facebook page for details and “like” it if you’ve not yet done so to keep up with updates.

Click here!

The Rusty Bucket Kids Casting

I’ve signed the deal memo and can now announce that I’ve been cast in the Emmy-nominated kids show The Rusty Bucket Kids. I’ll be co-starring in an upcoming episode as Henry David Thoreau. The announcement from their page:

Let me introduce you to Michael Howard. Michael is playing the role of Henry David Thoreau. Michael is not just a talented actor, but Michael is another reason why producing in North Carolina is still a great idea. So Michael runs the indie film company Invisible Productions. He has directed features, shorts, and documentaries. While still acting in television and film. Michael’s films have screened and won awards throughout the United States and worldwide. He’s also a writer, editor, and cinematographer and has been the official documentarian for the Vail Film Festival in Colorado since 2007. Did we mention we need lots of cereal on set? Yes Michael loves cereal, now let’s see which kind. Please welcome our man Michael as Henry David Thoreau.

You can check in on their page for progress here.