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Flickr Photos

I’ve updated some of my Flickr photos. You can always access them from the menu above. Click here to see an assortment of my still photography.

Beyond the Blue Documentary

Here’s the trailer for the Beyond the Blue documentary I am featured in with eleven other NC filmmakers. It’ll be released soon, check a few updates back for details and webpage links.

Next Feature Film

My next feature film is officially in pre-production. Filming begins Spring of 2015!


I quit medicine over a decade ago to be in film and have now played a doctor of some sort for the fourth time. This is me behind the scenes of a short film I acted in this weekend called Amnesia.

Beyond the Blue

I was interviewed last year for a documentary called “Beyond the Blue” that focuses on filmmakers from North Carolina. It was great to be chosen and I hopefully had some good things to contribute. They recently released a photo and quote from my interview. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

“If you don’t take chances then you’ll never know your strengths and weaknesses. And how to use them.”

You can keep up with the documentary here.

Sci-Fi Film

I was cast in a Sci-fi film recently and went in for the clothing fitting today and then did a voiceover for the teaser trailer. You can be happy that I will not have a skin tight outfit in the film.

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American Detours

Recorded three commercial voiceovers and did some behind-the-scenes photography for a film, not a bad way to start a Saturday.

After Tahoe…

After Tahoe, we traded in the lakes for cornfields and shot for a week in Iowa. While the fields were a bit boring, the sunsets were awesome.