Reality of Life (2002)

1h 55min | Drama | 25 May 2002 (USA)
Spencer Morgan just graduated college in Colorado and is about to open a store in California with a couple of his friends. Spencer has been unlucky in love and is sick of all the games that surround it. His best friend Jason is in a relationship that is rapidly nearing an end. Soon they’ll be able to open the shop and forget about all their troubles. Sarah Crawford is a young woman with a hidden secret and Spencer falls for her. Sarah will try her best to keep her secret but when it’s revealed, will their relationship be the same? Can it be? Friendships, relationships, and love will be put to the test.

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Cast & Crew

Erin Jindra
Angela Rael
Andrew Porter
Melissa Chartier
Darrel Louder
Andrew Bugenhagen
Store Owner
Alison Smith
Parter Photographer
Joshua Stopper
Restaurant Waiter
Edward John Wilson
Video Store Customer
Marie Wilson
Video Store Customer
Kelli Wilson
Video Store Customer
Tim Scheck
Phone Customer (Voice)

Joshua Stopper
Assistant Production Manager
Nick Langseth
Production Assistant
Darrel Louder
Location Assistant
Original Score
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