American Detours

Recorded three commercial voiceovers and did some behind-the-scenes photography for a film, not a bad way to start a Saturday.

After Tahoe…

After Tahoe, we traded in the lakes for cornfields and shot for a week in Iowa. While the fields were a bit boring, the sunsets were awesome.

The Super Femmes

Here’s a nice creepy teaser shot from a comical web series I acted in this past weekend. It’s called The Super Femmes and is about various super heros and villains. I was asked to be a past-his-prime villain called The White Rappin’ Kid who takes off at the first sign of real trouble. Below the picture you can see two scenes I was in.

Vail Film Festival

I’ve been with the Vail Film Festival since 2007 primarily doing their photo and video and this was their big 10th Anniversary festival and it went really great. Everyone is like family and it’s always such a fun time down there, though it can be pretty hectic. Allison Janney proved throughout the week that she is one of the most down-to-Earth stars that have been at the festival and she spent a lot of time out and about at the events that others usually don’t attend. Very cool.

American Detours

Spent the week shooting for the American Detours show with Ashley Haglund and David Patino from Generic Brand Human. It was an awesome week of filming in West Virginia at the New River Gorge Bridge (876 feet high), in the Lost World Caverns (pictured, with my “how many thousands of bats can be in here?” face), the Greenbrier Resort (with the old secret underground government bunker), The Stardust Cafe, and more. The show is about classic cars in classic destinations so we met with some owners and shot footage of their vehicles as well.


Was back on set for the TV show Revolution for the third time. It was a 16-hour shoot that went all through the freezing night. Anytime the power goes out in the future, even for 5 minutes, I’m going to create my own personal militia and start taking over things. We shot a pretty key scene and it was cool to be working alongside Elizabeth Mitchell again, who I’ve been a fan of since Lost.

Big Goalie

Just finished acting in an overnight shoot for a film called Big Goalie. I play a hockey player for the “good team” though the joke is that I’m always next to the coach and never actually playing in the game.

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Happy New Year!

Things are starting off well, did a photoshoot down in Lillington, NC this week for a hospital opening and acted in the feature film Box Brown which is mentioned more below. It’s a wrap for that film.

Hope you all have a great year!

NDAs and “high profile individuals”

I have a conference call in the next few days for a film that I had to get a notarized non-disclosure agreement for just to talk to them about. I’m told it has “high profile individuals” in it. Fancy fancy. No, it’s not porn.